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The Force of Tridac

While many entrepreneurs and corporations are moving their operations to online environments, cyber threats are becoming a formidable danger. Any server is vulnerable to DDoS attacks which overwhelm systems and negatively affect both bottom lines and brand values of affected businesses.

If you want to protect your IT infrastructure from DDoS threats, consider integrating decentralized Tridac solutions reliably protecting your servers from crashing and allowing you to continue connecting with your customers even if your IT infrastructure is under a DDoS attack.

  • $400,000

    losses per attack

  • 4 hours

    Avg Attack Length

  • 50%

    Of Sites Will Face An Attack

  • 26 GB/S

    Avg Attackk

  • 17 million

    DDoS Attacks This Year

  • $150 Billion

    Total Attack Damages This Year

Ultimate Protectionc

We focus on providing an excellent level of protection without increasing costs and forcing businesses to change how they operate. Use our data analysis tools and convenient interface to improve your online operations dramatically without compromising safety.

Tridac Make Your PC Work

You can utilize some of the bandwidth to earn valuable Tridac Tokens.


Tridac Online Presence

Powerful tools and statistics updated in real-time are accessible from our sophisticated online platform


Tridac Easy Collaborations

Choose from a wide variety of pools that suit your requirements and available resources to maximize productivity.

Scale Effortlessly

You can easily extend protection to your operations by switching pools.

Comprehensive Data Presentation

Monitor the condition of the network, check locations and connections.

Complete Transparency

All the data about transactions is open to everyone allowing you to make informed decisions.

Speed-Up Online Operations

Your website will deliver content faster by storing key files closer to visitors.

Token Utilization

You can easily control the token balance and conduct transactions.


Build your own pools and compete against others to earn money.

Prevent Cyber Threats

Increase protection from DDoS attacks by employing cutting-edge technology behind Tridac.

Use Your Resources

Do not allow your bandwidth to stay idle. Use the Tridac platform to rent it out to make money even when your connection is unused.


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